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Kodilla Team

Meet our trusted team of educators, fun-lovers and geeks


The Board is Kodilla’s decision-making center, ultimately accountable for our strategy and development. Although these guys are short of time, they are always there for all of us.

Maciej Oleksy


Maciej, a huge fan of startups, education and new technologies, has been present in the web industry since 1998. In the past he flirted with art, studied at a movie school and even played in a rock band. He is on compulsory diet, which, however, doesn’t stop him from binge-watching. At Kodilla he makes sure that the whole company is heading in the right direction.

Wojciech Mróz

Strategic Advisor

Wojtek is an enthusiastic triathlonist who loves visiting new places. With his vast experience in investing, he is a trusted financial advisor (and he writes a blog for entrepreneurs as well). He is responsible for co-creating the operational strategy for Kodilla and setting long term business goals.

Maciej Olaczek


Maciej has been passionate about IT and technology since his early years. However, he doesn’t spend all of his time online - you can often meet him at a swimming pool, on a football field or on Alpine slopes. At Kodilla he is responsible for coordinating inter-departmental projects and managing the work of leaders.


They are product advocates and your go-to people if you want to ask about Kodilla bootcamps, HR support, payment methods, and much more.

Magdalena Rogóż

Marketing Manager

Magda always feels a little bit restless and has thousand ideas in a minute, but don’t think she is a quitter! If she could, she would move every six month because she feels at home everywhere in the world. Her “things to learn” list is constantly growing. Right now she’s discovering her hidden talent in drawing and is trying to tame ukulele. At Kodilla she takes care of the branding and process management in the Marketing Team.

Marcin Kosedowski

Sales Manager Team Lead

Marcin enjoys learning new things. He can cook, drive a bulldozer, draw, paint (not only the kitchen walls!) and make Excel do whatever he wants. He loves challenges and is not afraid of making seemingly crazy decisions. At Kodilla he is responsible for clear communication with the clients and keeping the Marketing Team focused.

Paulina Baszak

Content Specialist

Paulina loves the written word and considers Polish the most beautiful language in the world. Privately, she’s a fan of old cars, mountain hikes and fitness. She is an experienced copywriter and develops her skills as a Content Marketing Specialist at Kodilla. If you have read anything about us, most probably it has been written by Paulina.

Karolina Staśkiewicz

Sales Specialist

In her free time Karolina works on her stamina and the art of cooking fast and healthy meals. She follows cheesy Facebook profiles for her daily dose of cynical romanticism and, from time to time, she reads lowbrow literature. A tattoo enthusiast and a winemaker, Karolina is mainly responsible for pre-sales support.

Marek Zoellner

Content Marketing Specialist

Marek could eat any amount of filled dumplings (also known as pierogi), but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from just looking at him. His motto is “Legs don’t ask questions, legs lead the way”, and thus he goes wherever his legs carry him and clears his mind by running through the fields, reaching longer distances each time. At Kodilla he’s responsible for press articles and blog content.

Adrian Kamiński

Analyst and Financial Controller

In his free time, Adrian delves into his hobbies of video editing, digital art, programming, and stock market. Apart from these, he spends a lot of time reading, especially philosophy and economics books. At Kodilla he optimizes Marketing costs and prepares numerous analyses.

Paweł Grąszko

Outbound Sales Specialist

Devoted to culinary experiments and passionate about e-commerce industry. The proud owner of black Polo coupe ‘’inherited from his grandfather’’ that will get a serious face-lift soon. If he could sing he’d become the second Elvis, no joke. He’s responsible for calling qualified leads at Kodilla.

Education Team

This is where the content of our bootcamps is created. The Big Three make sure that the material can be easily retained by our students and at the same time is highly substantive. We are proud to say that they manage it perfectly!

Ewa Hendrychowska

Education Department Manager

As the family legend goes, Ewa started to read when she was two. She has been in love with the written word since then and never missed a good book. She is an avid cat lover and considers Pusheen and Grumpy Cat her spiritual animals. In her free time, Ewa hones her coding skills, learns foreign languages, visits new places and takes photos. At Kodilla she plans and executes projects and dabbles in content creation.

Maciej Ludwiński

Educational Content Writer

Maciej is a fan of heavy music, especially rock and metal. He loves his 20-year-old angular Volvo car and wouldn’t exchange it for any other vehicle. In his spare time he watches sci-fi movies and plays PS4 games. At Kodilla he takes care of the courses quality.


They are Kodilla’s Team A, who take our students under their wings. They make sure that the courses go smoothly and take care of the content quality.

Paulina Konieczny

Mentors Coordinator

Paulina comes from the Silesia region and is fluent in the Silesian patois. She’s a restless soul, constantly travelling and discovering the world. She enjoys the thrill and mysteries of crime books (especially from the Scandinavian authors) and unconditionally loves her dog (named Pudding). At Kodilla she coordinates the work of our Mentors.

Ewelina Podhorodecka

Graduate Support Leader

Ewelina has been in love with the literature of the Far East for many years. She enjoys badminton and Tarantino movies and is always happy to bring a homemade mouth-watering cake to the office. She has been raised on the coast but she loves the mountains. At Kodilla she takes care of all graduate support issues.

Katarzyna Pańczak

HR Advisor

Although she knows everything about any diet, she can’t live without ice cream and chocolate. Luckily for her, though, she can’t sit still: she loves riding a bike and plans to start swimming classes. She has little free time and it won’t get any better soon because she fell in love with Netflix. At Kodilla she helps the graduates get their first IT job.

Katarzyna Dudek-Suś

HR Advisor

Associated with HR for a good couple of years, which gives her satisfaction and where she develops her career with passion. She loves relaxing to good music, creating handmade porcelain objects that she can share with others. Katarzyna’s passionate about travelling and meeting up with friends. At Kodilla she’s dedicated to helping our students and primarily responsible for HR support.

Barbara Wiącek

Student Support

In her spare time, she’s transported into the music world and develops her childhood passion - playing the piano. She loves spontaneous bicycle trips to the outskirts of Wrocław, at times venturing out even further :). She likes good movies, non-fiction literature as well as black humour. At home, her dog named Django is always waiting for her, a volcano of energy, called not after the framework, but after the character from one of Tarantino’s movies :). At Kodilla, she’s primarily responsible for quality customer support.


The IT people, always ready for bug hunting and problem solving, are responsible for developing our learning platform. Their unique combination of a sassy sense of humor and unmistakable charm can sweep anyone off their feet!

Kamil Topoła

Junior PHP Developer

In his free time Kamil dabbles in stock exchange gambling and latino dancing. He also enjoys dynamic driving and playing snooker. He is definitely thermophilic. Recently he has taken up a new professional challenge at Kodilla and joined the IT Team as a PHP Developer.

Przemysław Waleszczyński

PHP Developer

Although he is a professional programmer, liberal arts are no stranger to him: he is interested in history, personal development, psychology, and many more. He is a huge fan of clean code and crisp solutions. He hates the excess and bureaucracy (but who doesn’t?). At Kodilla he takes care of backend development.

Małgorzata Bojarowska

Software Tester

Since she can remember, she’s always enjoyed creating something: silver jewellery, painting with watercolours or drawing. Reading is her true passion as well as listening to a wide variety of genres, from Radiohead, Tame Impala to American alternative rock, she has also recently rediscovered vinyls. Films and travel are also one of her major interests. Rather stoic and a realist, she likes Monthy Python and English humour. At Kodilla she hunts for the bugs and test the code the developers throw at her.

Wojciech Raczyński

Service Specialist

IT and the automotive world are two of his biggest passions. When he needs to wind down he likes to go for a long ride in his car. In his spare time, he develops his culinary skills and creates innovative recipes, so far he really excels at making delicious sushi. He tries not to get dragged into binge-watching any TV series as he can easily watch the whole season at one go. At Kodilla, he’s responsible for implementing and administrating hardware issues, technical matters and data security.


Control and good organization are key features in this department. Office management, settlements, documents - all of this happens right here.

Kamila Pawłowska

Office Management & Admin Support

Kamila’s passionate about travelling and her dream is to travel around the world, at least to check out the most beautiful beaches. She’s leading an organic and waste-free lifestyle and loves being close to nature. Kamila’s into needlework, specifically sewing, which she learned entirely from tutorials on Youtube! At Kodilla, she manages the entire office and provides admin support.