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Graduate Stories

Bootcamp is an intensive, several month long online programming course with 1-on-1 Mentoring. The Mentors are professional programmers who work in IT on the daily basis. Check out what our Graduates say about us!

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Online bootcamps challenge the idea that you can learn programming only in a traditional classroom. With Kodilla you can learn at home and pay much less. At the same time you get 1-on-1 mentoring so you can consult a professional programmer whenever you get stuck. It’s really the best thing about Kodilla bootcamps.

Thanks to Kodilla bootcamp I got a solid knowledge of programming technologies and I changed my career path.

Karol Mąkowski

Marek Grys Photo

Marek Grys

I'm three weeks into the course now and it's getting really interesting - right now I'm turning a webpage design to code.

Together with my coursemates, we decided to create our own app.


Java Bootcamp

Front-end Developer Bootcamp was a great success. I enjoyed how it went and that the theoretical part was pretty straightforward. The course gave me massive food for thought! What I loved most is that I had immediate access to course materials and the Mentors.

Weekly 1:1 sessions with the Mentor helped me get unstuck. I must say that Kodilla people are a team of professionals, always kind and helpful. I highly recommend Kodilla’s bootcamps if you want to invest in your future.

Mikołaj Koman

If you want to start your adventure with programming, I highly recommend Kodilla. Keep in mind, however, that this is just the beginning. The bootcamp taught me to study and now I can deepen my knowledge by myself.

Even though my bootcamp has finished, I can still ask questions and help others at the chat. Kodilla is much more than bootcamp, it's a fabulous community! :)

Kamil Mirosz Photo

Kamil Mirosz

Thanks to the Kodilla’s bootcamp I learned how to manage my time and study efficiently. It was an additional motivation, a little bit of pressure to keep going.

My Mentor had my back at all times. He was very understanding and patient and helped me deal with obstacles.

But it was not just my Mentor who helped me finish the course. I could count on the community who shared their knowledge and ideas and simply helped each other. There were also other Mentors who were available on a group chat and I could always ask for their help.

The best thing is that Kodilla Mentors won’t solve the problems for you. They will give you hints and suggestions so that you eventually find the solution on your own.

From zero to web developer - this is how it goes :)

Aleksander Husar

There were some sleeples nights... and dreams about coding!


Front-end Bootcamp

I loved the structure of the bootcamp.


Front-end Bootcamp

I highly recommend the Web Developer Bootcamp at Kodilla. I first started learning how to code with the help of free online materials. I started with C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP basics and after 6 months I coded my first, quite complex website which I was very proud of.

At first I tried to enroll in the Extended JavaScript Bootcamp and I was very surprised when I didn’t qualify. Instead, Kodilla suggested me a six-month JavaScript Bootcamp for beginners. I wasn’t sure about this because at that point I had been studying for six months by myself, but eventually I took a risk.

It wasn’t long before I realised that I knew almost nothing. Two weeks into the course and I started to learn completely new things which were not easy at all. The further I got, the more ashamed I felt of my first website.

The best things about Kodilla (in comparison to self-study) were code reviews, additional materials and mentoring.

Moreover, the bootcamp covered the latest and freshest knowledge, solutions and standards - when you study on your own, it’s hard to say what's in and what’s out. And I really enjoyed the fact that the bootcamp was an online training - very convenient in comparison to in-person courses I also considered. I didn’t have to carry my laptop around every day and I could study anytime, anywhere.

By the end of the bootcamp I managed to find my first IT job. Right now I’m working remotely building web apps. I can’t wait to start working for international clients!

Lidia Tabędzka

Puls Biznesu
Inn Poland
Wirtualna Polska

The IT employers (...) recruit new programmers from among, for example, programming bootcamps students rather than from among university graduates.

More and more often the companies look for employees in less obvious groups, such as the people in their thirties or bootcamp students, not IT graduates.

Flexible schedule is the key part of Kodilla strategy. The majority of online bootcamp students combine the course with other duties.

The curriculum covers all the necessary technologies and their practical application. A Kodilla graduate should be able to find a job or a paid internship easily.

Many programmers have graduated from a several months' online course rather than from an IT department.

The situation is changing dynamically. All thanks to the development of education system and wider access to courses (including online learning) which give the necessary skills to start an IT career.

It doesn't matter where you learn to code.
The only thing that matters is how good you are at it.

The curriculum tailored to job market demand, 90% of time spent on practical coding (...) and flexible online training - this is the model of modern education system that Kodilla promotes.

Piotr Randak Photo

Piotr Randak

I'm a Kodilla graduate and I had no programming experience before the course. I enrolled in the bootcamp just to deepen my knowledge, I had no plans to change my job.

Even though I didn't complete all course modules, I can build a decent website and, what's more important, I know what to learn next.

Before the bootcamp, all self-study courses across the web were all Greek to me. Kodilla is great for those who don't know where to start and where to go. When I have more time, I definitely plan to pick up where I left off.

I think that as a programmer I'll never get bored.


Web Developer Bootcamp

The bootcamps are pricey, but totally worth it. Since I have a hard time getting motivated, I prefer group activities and fixed deadlines. That’s why Kodilla was the best choice.

I like the idea of 1-on-1 mentoring. There curriculum is standardized, but in fact, everybody studies individually, at their own pace. The Mentors are really patient and always willing to answer all your questions.

Are you going to find a job after the bootcamp? Maybe. It depends on you, actually. It’s more likely to happen if you study hard and do what you are told. No one will send an application for you or attend a job interview, so it’s all up to you. But being honest, I feel the progress I made thanks to Kodilla. Without the bootcamp I wouldn’t be able to accomplish so much in such a short time.

Konrad Żak

Mariusz, my Mentor, was awesome, very patient and understanding. His knowledge is vast and he always has a solution to a problem. 10 out of 10! :)

Patryk Bartodziej

What I can say about Kodilla is that they don’t lie. You really need to allocate around 15 hours a week to study. It’s not a kindergarten, it’s more like a private lesson with a teacher. You need to study on a regular basis to pace up with the course, which is getting more and more complicated along the way.

The best thing is that it all happens online, so you can find time for studying and talking to the Mentor. I want to thank my Mentor for explaining me everything, pointing out my mistakes, and for being patient with me. I’m grateful for all help I received from the community as well.

Right now I’m about to start looking for my first IT job. It was the most intense six months of my life but it was well worth the effort.

Michał Polinkiewicz

I think that Kodilla is great for those who want to change something in their life.


Front-end Bootcamp

Before the bootcamp I tried in-person courses, but they didn't work for me. Kodilla is just what I needed - I don't have to commute to school and I can learn anytime, at my own pace.

I love 1-on-1 mentoring and the fact that I chat with other students, mentors and Kodilla people. I wonder sometimes if Kodilla ever sleep :) Even late at night and over the weekend there is usually someone to answer my question. For me, the quality of the course is incomparable to any in-person weekend training.

The Kodilla Team is open to requests and suggestions and they are constantly improving the quality of the courses. And finally, Kodilla bootcamps are much cheaper than in-person courses of the same type.

Ewelina Wawryniuk

Amazing! 1-on-1 mentoring is definitely the best part of the course. I'm impressed with my mentor's knowledge and with his commitment. None of my questions has been left unanswered.

Paweł Dudek

First, I must say that I'm really happy with my mentor and the results of the course.

I had some programming experience before the bootcamp so at the beginning of the course I was rather skeptical. However, thanks to the mentor my skills are skyrocketing. Sometimes my mentor even stays after hours to help me!

I have been a teacher myself and I can say that my mentor is a professional who motivates me to work hard every day.

Michał Dobkiewicz

I was very happy with my mentor - he had vast knowledge and could share it easily. Each lesson motivated me to develop my skills further. I hope we will have a chance to work together again during my next course!

Kamila Pochojka

Kodilla gives you a completely flexible schedule: you decide when and where you want to study.


Web Developer Bootcamp

I have completed the Web Developer Bootcamp. Thanks to the skills it gave me I was able to find my first IT job very soon after the course.

I'm very happy with Kodilla and I can recommend them to anyone who don't know yet which school to choose.

Kodilla Bootcamps are well structured and of really high quality. You are guided step by step from simple topics to more complicated and challenging ones.

What is really important is your attitude: self-discipline, motivation and perseverance. Luckily, you will have a mentor by your side who will point out your mistakes and share their experience. Even if you get seriously stuck, your mentor will get you back on track.

Kodilla bootcamps are online courses, which means that you can study whenever it suits you and at your own pace. Additionaly, you don't waste time and money to commute to school.

What was the most important outcome of the course? The bootcamp has really sparked my curiosity and helped me develop the habit of deepening my knowledge on my own.

Thank you, Kodilla!

Tomasz K

It helped me a lot that my Mentor always had time for me.


Front-end Bootcamp

Thank you Kodilla Team for great time together and invaluable knowledge I got :) I was completely green when I started and today I have solid foundations to further develop my skills.

I was hesitant to join in, but a couple of phone calls with the cosultants and watching Kodilla webinars convinced me and I never looked back. :)

The biggest "thank you", however, goes to my amazing mentor, Bartek Kozera. My learning curve was steep and I sometimes wondered if I should continue, but Bartek was there for me at all times.

I keep my finger crossed for all Kodilla students. Don't give up! And thank you for everything, guys!

Mateusz Gibki

Learning comfort and lot of fun - it's as simple as that.


Front-end Bootcamp

I started my course in August 2017. Looking back, it was the best money I've ever spent on education. The course quality is great and the bootcamp is easily accessible to those with no prior programming experience.

The whole course focuses on practical exercises. There is theoretical introduction to each module, but very quickly you move on to real coding. This way, after the bootcamp you can start looking for a job as a junior developer.

Before the course every student chooses a mentor who will be there for them to help. All students that I talked to were happy with their mentors and I was no exception here.

I knew something about coding before I started the course, so I was anxious that there wouldn't be much for me to do at the begining. However, my mentor gave me additional assignments to keep me occupied.

I highly recommend Kodilla bootcamps!

Radosław Lewandowski

Mateusz Gibki Photo

Mateusz Gibki

In my opinion Kodilla is the best deal on the market right now. Their bootcamps are online courses, so the schedule is very flexible. This is especially important to me, because I work full time and I can only study on the afternoons. I'm also happy with my mentor, who is always there to get me unstuck.

We all know that there are numerous self-study programming courses around, but the biggest problem with them is that you have nobody to turn to when you don't know what to do next. If something doesn't work and there is no one to tell you why, you can really get upset.

The course alone won't make you a programmer, of course - what is important is your commitment and hard work.

Personally, I strongly recommend Kodilla :)

The bootcamp was quite challenging, and the self-study courses which I had taken before the bootcamp started were a great warm-up. The training offered practical assignments of various level of difficulty, so you could steadily progress towards more complex projects.

One of the best parts of the bootcamp was 1-on-1 mentoring. My mentor was always eager not only to help, but also to just talk casually. He also provided me with additional resources and tasks when I was ahead of the curriculum.

The Kodilla community was also fabulous - I had great time chatting and exchanging knowledge with other students and mentors.

I really encourage eveybody to enroll and take up the challenge :)

Robert Burnat

I participated in the Kodilla Front-end Bootcamp two years ago. Since I have numerous duties and obligations, I have little free time for self-development. Therefore an online course was the best choice for me. I studied at my own pace and I could always ask my mentor for help when I got stuck. I recommend Kodilla Bootcamps to anyone who want to accelerate their learning and quickly grasp the basics of programming.

Katarzyna Kaczyńska

Michał Gacek, my Mentor (capitalized for respect!), is the man :)

Konrad Szejnfeld

Hi! Today is my last day of the course, so it's time for a couple of thank-yous.

Before it happens, though, I have to say that prior to starting the bootcamp I had been skeptical about online courses. Fortunately, Kodilla made me change my mind and now I choose an online training whenever I can :).

A great thanks go to Kodilla people who made it all possible (the content, the website and the platform), to course coordinators and the whole Back Office staff - you are the best! :).

A big shout-out to my mentor, Daniel Jagielski, who was the best guy to work with. He was always super helpful and he could explain even the most complex issues in an understanble way.

Kodilla gave me a great portion of knowledge which I now plan to deepen on my own. I hope to make use of it soon in my professional life.

Keep up the good job!

Jan Roztropiński

My mentor was wonderful, always there for me and ready to help.

Katarzyna Miłek-Kołyszko