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Valid till 06.07.2019, 23:59

Job Guarantee

Land your dream job in IT or get your money back

Job Guarantee Program is available as an 'add on' with Web Developer Plus and Java Developer Plus bootcamps and it's a perfect option for those
willing to find employment straight after completing the course.

How we help you

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Relevant knowledge

We teach relevant digital skills that are highly sought-after on the market. Throughout and after the bootcamp, you will develop your technical as well as soft skills. If anything goes wrong - we’ll be able to act quickly and make sure any pitfalls are eliminated from the start. What we require is your 100% commitment, motivation and hard work throughout the program and during the intensive job search.

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Practical projects

With Web Developer Plus and Java Developer Plus bootcamps you will complete 3 practical projects with the help of your online mentor. The projects will build your portfolio that will prove invaluable when searching for open roles in the IT industry. With a portfolio in hand you will get ahead of the competition and you'll have more chances to succeed in landing that dream job.

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Dedicated Career Coach

Throughout the 6 months after completing the technical part of the training, we will teach you how to highlight your programming skills and show your personality to prospective employers. With the help of a Dedicated Career Coach you will polish your résumé and your LinkedIn profile, find suitable job offers and make sure your portfolio stands out among other candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which bootcamps are covered by the Job Guarantee Program?
  • How do I qualify for the Job Guarantee Program?
  • What conditions do I need to satisfy during the job search?
  • How can I apply for the refund?
  • Where can I find more information about the Job Guarantee Program?

Job Search

Your attitude and commitment at the job search stage are crucial. Your Career Coach will assist you, however, it will be up to you to apply and send as many résumés as possible, go to the interviews and talk to the prospective employers.

  1. Choose a City

    You have to choose at least one of the following cities where you’ll attend job interviews and are willing to accept an offer:

    • Dublin,
    • Galway,
    • Cork,
    • Limerick,
    • Belfast,
    • Manchester,
    • Liverpool,
    • London,
    • Leeds-Bradford,
    • Glasgow,
    • Newcastle,
    • Nottingham,
    • Sheffield,
    • Bristol,
    • Leicester,
    • Birmingham.

    Your job search will take place in the cities you’ve chosen. The cities not mentioned on the list are not covered by our Job Guarantee Program.

  2. Read the Materials

    You will receive relevant materials from us on how to look for a job once you’ve graduated from one of our Plus courses. They will help you take the first step in the job search process.

  3. Find Jobs that Best Match Your Profile

    We will support you, nevertheless, the job search will be driven by yourself and you’ll have to show strong initiative in sending your résumés to recruiters and prospective employers.

    • We’ll expect you to commit to applying to 10 job ads per week after sending them for approval to your Career Coach. If your Career adviser gives you an ok on the ads you’ve found you can apply and stand a chance of getting interviewed for the role.

    If you accept a job offer, the process of weekly CV submissions is discontinued.

  4. Contact Prospective Employers

    Regardless of our help, the ultimate success depends on you. To make sure you actively participate in the program, we requiresending a detailed report of you contacting with the Prospective Employers.

100% Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If, despite completing the Job Guarantee Program, you do not receive any job offers, we will refund your money in full.

A job offer refers to a Permanent Contract, Fixed-Term Contract, B2B contract or a Paid internship with remuneration alligned with industry standards. In case you decide to take part in an unpaid internship during the program or you're awaiting the response from the recruiter following a job interview, the duration of the program will be extended by the duration of the internship or the time you've waited for the response regarding the interview.

If you do not accept the job offer presented by a company, the guarantee is considered to be fulfilled.

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The offer is valid till 06.07.2019, 23:59

Job Guarantee Terms

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