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Online Coding Bootcamp,
how it works

You learn to code online: the intensive bootcamp-style training doesn't interfere with your other duties.

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Together with my coursemates, we decided to create our own app.

Paulina, Java Bootcamp

How it works

Online training

We believe that your comfort matters. For this reason, we offer only online courses which don't interfere with your other duties.

Introduction to the module

A Bootcamp is divided into modules, each devoted to a specific subject. Each module starts with an introduction which describes what will be covered in this particular module and how it can be useful to you. While we make sure that you get the necessary theoretical foundations, we focus on practical approach.

Practice makes perfect

We know that it takes lot of practice to learn how to code. Therefore, our Bootcamps centre around practical assignments. In each module you will get several tasks which will be revieved by your Mentor.

Sample calendars of Kodilla students

Kodilla — A week in the life of a student


You are never alone during Kodilla Bootcamps. The comunity of Mentors and other students will always have your back.

Chat with the Mentor

Chat with the community

Community support

Additional benefits

Code review

Code review

One of the greatest things about Kodilla Bootcamps are code reviews - they are not always an option in the case of in-person courses or self study. When you complete an assignment or if you get stuck, you can send the code to your Mentor for review. You get as many code reviews as you need, so don't hesitate to ask for them.

Rozmowy z mentorem

Video calls with the Mentor

Each week you have a 45-minute long video call wit the Mentor, who supervises your training. During these 1-on-1 calls the Mentor focuses only on you, so you learn faster and more effective than you would when studing in a group.

Dodatkowe zadania dla ambitnych

Additional assignments

The curriculm is standarized; if you're ahead of it and you want to do more, you can ask your Mentor for additional assignments. Just like regular assignments, additional tasks are completed online.

Materiały po zakończeniu kursu

Access to the materials

You can access the course content, minicourses and assignments for 60 days after the Bootcamp finished. This gives you the chance to complete overdue tasks.

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