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Introduction to CSS

This course will introduce you to the world of CSS. Move on with your journey to make your websites more elegant and appealing.


Introduction to CSS

How does CSS work?

Learn the basic CSS principles and selectors.

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Advanced selectors

More details about selectors and styles priority.

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Let's spice up the HTML!

Applying colors to elements

Let's see how to apply styles to specific HTML elements.

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Text formatting

You'll learn how to change font family, color, size, decoration and weight.

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Boxes and tables

Box model

Learn to add margins, paddings, borders and to change the elements' size.

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Tables and lists in CSS

Let's style lists and tables!

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Review your knowledge

Kodilla Pizza Restaurant

In this lesson, you will put your skills into practice by creating a simple website for a pizza restaurant. We will give you its HTML structure, and your task will be to make it look neat with CSS.

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