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It’s Good, ‘Cause It’s Polish! Why Local Bootcamps Are the Best

Posted by Marcin Kosedowski

Joining the elite ranks of programmers is a rough path. It requires putting in hard, demanding work, and only few are up to the challenge. In order to join the finest, you should choose a Polish bootcamp. Learn why’s it the best way to go and get ready for success!

3 Reasons Why Online Bootcamps Are Better Than In-Person Ones

Posted by Marcin Kosedowski

Bootcamp is an incredibly intensive, demanding and interactive method for teaching future programmers. If you’re looking to join the elite who can see way beyond letters and digits, then a bootcamp is the way to go.

You Can Be a Programmer Too!

Posted by Marcin Kosedowski

Programming is trendy, so the number of people thinking about giving it a try keeps growing. So, what do you need to know before you start learning any of the programming languages?

Bootcamp - the Shortest Way to Becoming a Programmer

Posted by Marcin Kosedowski

Are you been dreaming about a career in programming, but you don’t know where to start? The solution is way closer than you think. You don’t need several years of studies at a tech college to launch your programming career.