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Start Coding from Scratch - the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Coding Mastermind & Finding Your First Job in IT

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

If you’ve never written a single line of code and have absolutely no knowledge about programming, you’re probably thinking that coding is super tough and it’s only reserved for those with a PhD in Computer Science.

17 Essential Web Developer Tools that Your Boss Expects You to Know Inside Out - Part II Visual and Collaborative

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

Web Development is a bit like art, you need to learn how to think outside the bracket but also how to seamlessly merge the creative design with technology. Check out the second part of our developer tools guide below.

17 Essential Web Developer Tools that Your Boss Expects You to Know Inside Out - Part I Technical

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

If you’re just starting out as a Junior Web Developer, you can be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of developer tools & resources available on the internet.

Why Making Pancakes Is a Lot Like Coding - Plus a £500 Discount for Pancake Tuesday! More Details Below

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

There is a high chance you’ll be stuffing your face with pancakes this coming Tuesday, why? Pancake Tuesday, aka Shrove Tuesday is on the 5th of March in 2019! The question is, do you know how to make pancakes and what exactly they have in common with coding?

5 Ways You Can Learn to Code And Become a Professional Programmer - Without Leaving Your House!

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

Programming skills are in, everyone’s talking about it, even kids are learning the principles of coding in kindergartens! No wonder as the jobs that call for coding wizards grow about 50% faster than the market overall.

Can Programming Make Me Rich? See If Programming Can Give You a Healthy Salary Bump If Done Right!

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

If you’re considering changing careers and breaking into Tech you’re most certainly aware that the digital skills are constantly at the top of the most in-demand hard skills’ list. <p

The Insider’s Guide to a Programmer’s Life - What People Think It’s Like vs What It’s Really Like

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

You’re determined to change your career, become a professional programmer and break into the lucrative world of Tech, sounds right? Besides putting all your precious time and energy into honing your coding skills you’re probably wondering what the life of a programmer is really like!

Which Non-Tech Jobs are Crying for Programming Skills? Check Out the Top 5 Roles that Require Coding Knowledge

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

Coding skills are the future, they have undeniably become the new literacy following the rapid developments in the Tech industry, especially with the heavy investment in AI technologies, blockchain and machine learning.

Don’t Put your New Years Resolutions on the Back Burner! Kodilla’s Giving you a 10% Discount!

Posted by Marek Zoellner

Just a month ago, everything looked so simple. New Year, New You… you were armed with a pen in hand and a list of ambitious resolutions that will make a positive change in your life.

What Can Yoda Teach You About Programming? Discover 6 Simple Truths that Will Turn You Into a Coding Jedi!

Posted by Gosia Podzorska

Everyone knows Yoda, even if you’re not an ardent Star Wars fan and you weren’t aware that his face was based on Albert Einstein’s, I’m sure you’ve heard of this little greenish creature with oversized ears, mindful eyes & kick-ass comments.