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What Can Yoda Teach You About Programming? Discover 6 Simple Truths that Will Turn You Into a Coding Jedi!

What Can Yoda Teach You About Programming? Discover 6 Simple Truths that Will Turn You Into a Coding Jedi!

Posted  by Gosia Podzorska

Everyone knows Yoda, even if you’re not an ardent Star Wars fan and you weren’t aware that his face was based on Albert Einstein’s, I’m sure you’ve heard of this little greenish creature with oversized ears, mindful eyes & kick-ass comments.

You’re probably wondering, ‘What on earth could Yoda teach me about programming?’ Let me tell you this my padawan, plenty!

Bring Your A Game

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In Programming there are no shortcuts, we don’t believe in intensive 2-week courses that will turn you into an up-and-coming programming buff. Instead, programming will require 100% devotion and commitment on your part, there is no place for slacking off. It’s going to take a lot of effort but the result will be worth it.

Once you get through the initial trial and tribulations stage you will get hooked on solving algorithmic challenges. It will become your bread and butter. When you break into the exhilarating world of modern technology, the list of benefits is endless. Starting from flexible working hours to imaginative perks, high salaries and the possibility of working remotely and freelancing. 80% of our graduates find full-time employment after finishing the bootcamps, don’t rest on your laurels, focus on your goal and stick to it no matter what.

Stick it Out

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You have to brace yourself, the path to becoming a professional programmer might not be plain sailing, it could occasionally get a bit tricky. The most challenging will be finding enough time to practice, especially in the situation where you have to juggle your professional, private life plus an online coding bootcamp that has the potential to change your career.

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The bottom line is, don’t give up, even when it gets tough and you feel occasional self-doubt. Keep going. When you start feeling overwhelmed, go for a run, clear your head and come back to the issue with a refreshed attitude and a different mindset. Be patient, it will get easier. The more you code, the more problems you’ll be able to solve.

When you feel particularly demotivated, put your favourite playlist on. The music will re-energise your brain cells, boost your focus and cognitive performance.

Knowledge Is Power

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What you’ve learned so far will come in handy at one point. As a programmer you’ll keep upskilling every day, that’s the beauty of the job, it will never get boring! Each new piece of knowledge will be useful and you never know when you’ll need it to untangle yet another mystery, especially when locating bugs that prevent your code from firing properly. Once you get a grip on one programming language the knowledge you’ve gained will light your way when discovering a completely new syntax from scratch, you will not start from zero.

Is Your Glass Half Full?

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When programming gets a bit frustrating it’s up to you how you’re going to react and deal with it. The most important is to stay away from the negative language. Use positives to boost your confidence and approach the problem with an attitude that will turn your code into the desired outcome. Don’t bring yourself down with negative statements, they will damper your mood instead of pushing you forward and giving you a bit of a boost to keep trying different solutions to get to the bottom of the problem. Some people would say the glass is half empty, the others would say it’s half full. It’s up to you which attitude you’ll choose and it will determine your success.

Keep an Open Mind

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In order to train your programming mindset, you have to let go of all the misconceptions and rigidly fixed ideas. When looking for bugs, start with an open mind as a seemingly ridiculous concept might actually put you in the right direction. Expand the possibilities and don’t assume you know all the answers, be humble and learn by uncovering new paths. Re-analyze, describe the issue to a rubber duck or share your thinking process with a colleague. If you can’t describe it, there is a high chance you don’t fully understand it.

Don’t assume you know the code inside out. Not knowing why the code works is the same as not knowing why it doesn’t. Mask different parts of the code piece by piece and you will eventually find the culprit that prevents your program from working properly. Most often than not the bug will be in the line that you deemed perfect so do not assume anything!

Learning Never Stops

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Programmers don’t stop learning, ever. The technologies are changing in the speed of light, the language that is the most popular today might get out of use in a couple of year’s time. You have to embrace the change and be willing to constantly improve your skill set. If you wish to become a programmer you have to accept and thrive on learning new things every single day. It has to excite you and motivate you, otherwise, you will quickly get burned out.

Yoda’s Quirky Speech in Actual Programming

You must have noticed that Yoda’s way of speaking is a bit out of ordinary. It’s nothing like standard English grammar, as the object usually comes first, followed by a noun and only then the verb. The quirkiness of Yoda’s speech gave way to some unusual patterns in actual programming.

They are called ‘Yoda conditions’ or ‘Yoda notations’.

What do they do exactly? Yoda conditions happen when two parts of an expression are switched and have no longer a typical order, the constant part is placed on the left side of the conditional statement.

Standard programming conditional statement would look like this

if ($value == 23) { /* ... */ } // Reads like: "If the value is equal to 32..."

If we write the same conditional statement but with a Yoda twist, it’ll be reversed

if (32 == $value) { /* ... */ } // Reads like: "If 32 equals the value..."

Why would programmers use Yoda conditions? There are lots of different voices that are for or against Yoda notations but the main benefit is catching inevitable errors by a compiler (a system that is a bit like a translator, it turns the original code from one programming language to another).

So are you ready to start thinking like a Yoda and stick to your goals to fulfil your dreams?

Grab a laptop, go to and see if you can turn into a programming Jedi. To success your way is..…my old padawan :)

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