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7 Freaky Reasons Why JavaScript is Still One of the Most Popular Programming Langauges in the World!

Posted  by Gosia Podzorska

When you’re just starting out learning how to code, you’re probably overwhelmed with a sheer amount of programming knowledge you’re supposed to take in. It’s quite challenging to get your head around diverse programming languages, frameworks, libraries, developer tools and debugging techniques.

I bet you’ve probably scoured the internet looking for an answer to, ‘which programming language should I start learning first’? You’re going to invest a significant amount of time, money and effort and you want to make sure that the choices you’re making will steer you in the right direction providing you with lots of opportunities in the future.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you why you should still care about JavaScript and the reason it’s still one of the most used programming languages in the industry. Before deciding what to focus on first, check out the below 7 reasons why JavaScript still rocks!

1. JavaScript is Literally Everywhere

JS is one of the most accessible programming languages out there as it can be used to build websites, web applications, smartwatch apps, even digital art, IoT, smart TVs and flying robots! The language itself is quite versatile and it has seen a massive boost in development in recent years so it’s capable of mighty things. With the help of Node.JS it has moved from the pure front-end technology to the server side and is one of the most promising languages that has the potential to become one of the main technologies of the back-end.

2. There are Heaps of Vacancies for JavaScript Pros

There are plenty of jobs up for grabs for professionals that are skilled in JavaScript. If you don’t believe us, just have a look at Glassdoor. In the UK alone there are 16,153 currently open roles for those that know JavaScript. It’s a no-brainer, by mastering this technology you’re sure to get employed in the Tech world as there’s a significant mismatch between the demand and supply, the IT world is still having a hard time filling up the new posts!

3. JavaScript is Still One of the Most Popular Programming Languages in the World

According to the JetBrains report ‘The State of Developer Ecosystem in 2018’, JavaScript took to the podium as the programming language most used overall. It has also taken the second spot after Python in the ranking of languages developers started or continued learning in the past 12 months. In addition, JavaScript is still the top programming language used on GitHub, boasting the largest number of private and public contributors all over the world and over 3100 GitHub projects.

4. Almost All Browsers Have JavaScript

JavaScript is the jewel of frontend and has been part of the browsers since...wait for it...1995! It’s still here, it has evolved immensely and it’s definitely not going away. Web browsers are the most popular applications on mobile as well as desktop meaning JavaScript developers will continue to be in high demand with the technology progressing even further. Once you master the basics you’ll be able to play with the code straight in your web browser literally from anywhere and anytime.

5. You Can Build Games with JavaScript

Seriously? Yes, together with HTML5, JavaScript can be used to build online games. You can create a first-person shooter or go in the direction of strategy games, the sky’s the limit! Here’s a post about an aspiring developer who built a game using pure JavaScript after two months of learning how to code. If he managed to do that, think of all the cool game ideas you’ve had so far, learn JavaScript and make them a reality!

The online gaming industry is said to reach $80bn by the end of 2020. If you think seriously about building games on the web, check out the 20 JavaScript engines that can help you make it happen.

6. JavaScript is Constantly Being Developed

JavaScript has been in the limelight for a good number of years now, undergoing developments and receiving lots of industry focus. The JavaScript JSON file format is behind the mighty synchronization between the frontend code and the server. There are plenty of JS frameworks popping up, with React heading the way followed by Express, Vue.js and AngularJS. They help create captivating and interactive applications on the web, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with JavaScript. You can even build servers in JavaScript using Node.Js.

7. JavaScript Fosters Your Creativity

With JavaScript, you can create visually pleasing designs and cool looking animations. Users in the US spend about 24 hours weekly online on average, you can ensure that their experience is up to par by making the site interactive to keep them engaged for longer. With JS you can code 3D visualisations or even create your own music directly in the browser! JavaScript gives you a platform that will bump your coding skills up a notch and help you create envy-worthy web apps and web designs.

Focusing on JavaScript as your first programming language is a smart choice as the technology is used everywhere, from the web to medical devices, smartphones and even ATMs. The job market is abundant in open vacancies and the language itself is a lot easier to master than Java.

JavaScript keeps the web alive and as more of the globe goes online it’ll be imperative that the web design uses an attractive and clear layout that will, in turn, captivate the attention of the audience. The attention battle on the net will increase and the demand for skilled JS developers will grow.

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