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Don’t Put your New Years Resolutions on the Back Burner! Kodilla’s Giving you a 10% Discount!

Don’t Put your New Years Resolutions on the Back Burner! Kodilla’s Giving you a 10% Discount!

Posted  by Marek Zoellner

Just a month ago, everything looked so simple. New Year, New You… you were armed with a pen in hand and a list of ambitious resolutions that will make a positive change in your life.

You were determined to fulfil each and every promise one by one. Did you succeed? Are you a different person now? Or you slipped back into your old habits like 80% of the rest of us? According to U.S.News 80% of the New Year’s resolutions are chucked in the bin by the second week of February.

If your promises are still just a theory, it's time to not only talk the talk but also walk the walk!

Do today what can be done tomorrow, or you’ll end up with the exact same list next year feeling demotivated from the start by the unfulfilled desires to make your life better. Based on the most popular new year's resolutions, you’ve probably thought about one of these (if not all of them!)

  • I’ll exercise more
  • I’ll save more and spend less
  • I’ll learn a new skill
  • I’ll find a better job
  • I’ll spend more time with family & friends

Recipe for Success

If the New Year started with a bang and you’re already snowed under enormous backlog at work, heaps of dirty laundry at home, you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and despite your sincere desire, you have not attempted to fulfil any of the promises on your list, we’ve got an ultimate solution for you. Enrol in an online course to fulfil most of your New Year’s resolutions! It will give you structure, balance, teach you essential new skills that are highly sought after by recruiters, plus they will also help you get more organised and basically get things done quicker. You’ll be able to tick off all of the promises at one go, how?

Become a Programmer!

The Tech industry is continuously suffering from the lack of skilful coding wizards. Following the success stories of our graduates, we know that investing your time in an online coding bootcamp can bring real and tangible results. Those that are totally new to coding and had no previous contact with programming have the possibility to acquire vital skills that could become their ticket to the exciting world of modern technologies.

Better Prospects and a Considerable Salary Bump

Our graduates get on average a 48% bump in their salaries after finishing the bootcamps and changing their careers. It’s not uncommon for inexperienced programmers to be able to break into the Tech industry. According to the Stack Overflow report, over 10% of programmers have less than 2 years’ experience in the industry. The report analysed answers from 56K developers from over 173 countries.

The key takeaway - the IT industry is very much open to those with little experience in programming, especially in this day and age where the demand for coding skills largely outstrips the supply. With each year you will get exposed to new, progressive technologies, gain invaluable experience that will make you a hot commodity in the job market.

10 percent discount

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

If you are determined to get fit, eat healthier and stick to a schedule of regular exercise, becoming a programmer can help you fulfil these resolutions in a breeze. Most IT companies are offering an attractive package of benefits on top of high salaries and a full-time contract. It’s not uncommon to get benefits like co-financed fitness classes, an access to a gym or relaxation rooms, daily dose of fresh fruit and healthy snacks up for grabs or if you are particularly lucky to work for one of the major players in the Tech world, even the unlimited passes to the swimming pool during your working hours.

Forget about the stereotypical image of a programmer that is unshaven and glued to the laptop at ungodly hours. Programmers are pursuing different types of activities in their spare time from cycling, lifting weights, hitting the gym or boulder climbing. Physical activity lifts our mood and it’s not only incredibly good for our bodies but also our minds. It relaxes your brain and has an immense effect on your energy levels. Programming buffs need a lot of physical stimulation after sitting at their desks for hours and exhausting themselves cognitively. Nowadays IT companies recognise this need and offer a myriad of possibilities to their employees to pick up new sports and exercise more.

And if you’re curious about what outrageous benefits programmers demand during their interviews check out our article, Top 10 Outrageous Perks Programmers Want in the IT Industry.

How about making all those desires and dreams come true by doing just one thing? Become a programmer and use a 10% discount promo code to sign up for one of our courses.

For a limited time only (till 14/02/2019) you can purchase one of our bootcamps paying 10% less! The only thing you’ll need is our promo code which needs to be put in the discount code field when completing the purchase.


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If you’d already bought running shoes but haven’t tried them on even once, there is a slim chance you’re going to run a marathon next year. However, if you put your mind to it, commit 100% to achieve your goals in order to make a positive change in your life, you’ll succeed and now’s a perfect time! Acquire new skills, change jobs and get a nice salary rise to lead a more fulfilling and happier life. Become a programmer in 2019 and follow the amazing technological revolution that’s happening in front of our eyes.

Next year, instead of sobbing over your never-changing list of New Year's resolutions, you’ll be able to put your energy into something much more pleasant. How about planning where to go skiing in January 2020 :)!

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