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Why Online Coding Bootcamps Are Worth It - Debunking the Top 9 Common Misconceptions!

Posted  by Gosia Podzorska

Did you know that by 2020 we’ll have approximately one million new programming jobs in the US and 700 000 in Europe? The IT skills gap keeps growing and online coding bootcamps are one of the solutions that can clear a major headache that is troubling the Tech world.

Nevertheless, there are myriads of misconceptions about online coding bootcamps. We’ll debunk them one by one showing you the true value behind this well-structured path to becoming a programmer.

The way we work is changing and the way we acquire knowledge is getting a huge revamp. It’s no longer vital to have Master’s in Computer Science to break into IT.

Misconception #1 - It’s Hard to Get a Job After the Bootcamp

Online coding bootcamps will teach you all the necessary skills that are highly sought-after on the job market. The educational material is constantly being updated to match closely with what’s happening in the Tech industry. What’s more, more than 80% of our students find full-time employment after finishing our online coding bootcamps. Plus, according to Tech Republic 80% of companies have hired a coding bootcamp grad and all of them stated they would gladly do it again!

Misconception #2 - There is No Support Network, You’re on Your Own

Each of our students gets assigned a dedicated online mentor that keeps an eye on their work, making sure students are motivated and determined to finish all the tasks on time. The mentor’s job is to check your code, answer all your burning questions and help you succeed along the way.

Whenever you’re stuck you can also reach out to your peers on a live group chat. They will most probably be dealing with the exact same programming issues, you can work it out together. You’re not on your own, once you start the bootcamp you’re immediately welcomed to an online community of like-minded people that just like you, want to master the art of coding, you have the online support at your fingertips!

Misconception #3 - It’s Hard to Get Motivated

Before you sign up for online coding bootcamp you need to be committed and have a clear goal in mind, otherwise, no one will make a fully fledged programmer out of you. You have to have a lot of will power and disregard occasional failure and self-doubt, this is the only way to learn how to code. It doesn’t really make a difference if you’re attending an onsite course or an online bootcamp. The motivation has to come from within. If the only motivation to continue the course stems from the fact that you have to physically commute somewhere, maybe programming is not for you.

Apart from your own internal motivation, your dedicated online mentor will be giving you a bit of a push in times when you feel particularly sluggish. He will make sure all the tasks are finished on time and that you keep to a schedule when working on individual or group projects.

Participating in an online coding bootcamp requires a single-minded determination and working out a routine that works for you, especially if you have a full-time job. If you don’t find programming particularly interesting it will be hard for anyone to motivate you to succeed, regardless if it’s an online or an onsite course. Besides, you’re much more anonymous in a classroom when one lecturer has 30 students. With your online mentor, it’s more personal as you have face-to-face 45-minute conversations every single week ;).

Misconception #4 - Online Coding Bootcamps Are Too Short

Online coding bootcamps are intensive beasts, they require you to devote approximately 15 - 20h per week to practice, it’s the only way you can learn programming. Kodilla’s courses last either 6 or 9 months which is enough time to get fully immersed in the subject. It’s all about revising the knowledge that you’ve acquired the previous day, adding up new things along the way. 6 months is not 2 weeks. If you can devote at least 15h per week for the duration of 6 or 9 months you’ll be well prepared for the realities of the IT industry as you’ll be working on project briefs taken from real-life examples. Online bootcamps usually take longer than onsite ones as you can fit the learning schedule around your life and not the other way round.

Misconception #5 - You’re Not Going to Learn Enough

The beauty of online learning is that you can learn at your own pace. And in case it doesn’t stick you can easily rewind, go back to the theory and start again. When it comes to an onsite classroom setting unless you're noting every single word your lecturer is saying it will be pretty tough to replay the whole experience from the beginning. Here at Kodilla, the coding bootcamp is tailored to your needs, if you’re far ahead, finishing all the assigned tasks before each deadline, your mentor will give you additional assignments so that you can fully fulfil your potential. The more you code the better programmer you’ll be.

Misconception #6 - Women Are a Striking Minority

Less than one-tenth of computer science students in the UK are female, whereas some schools report having no female students at all according to What’s interesting is that during some of the editions of Kodilla’s online coding bootcamps women make up around 34% of our students. We notice a similar interest in males and females when it comes to our online programming courses.

Misconception #7 - It’s Mostly Theory And Hardly Any Real-Life Project Briefs

Online coding bootcamps do not equal with online tutorials that you can watch on youtube. They are labour-intensive courses where you have to actually roll up your sleeves and keep coding. The focus is on practice where the theoretical materials make up only 10%. What’s more, Kodilla’s students work on real-life cases and project briefs, like creating a responsive, modern looking website from scratch based on the PSD File sent by a graphic designer.

Misconception #8 - You Need a Minimum Understanding of Computer Science

When you enrol on an online coding bootcamp you can literally start from scratch, there are no prerequisites apart from a good level of English and stable internet connection. Kodilla’s online bootcamps are designed for either complete beginners or those that already dabbled in programming. If you’re a beginner, no panic, you’ll start from the basics. One of our clients Aviva, decided to reskill their employees from departments like Call Centre and HR. All trained employees started working in Aviva's IT department as junior java developers after 6 months!

Misconception #9 - There is No Group Work

Online coding bootcamps put a great focus on real-life group projects. Everyone from the same edition starts the bootcamp at the same time so that your peers are exactly at the same level as you are. You can brainstorm together and help each other out once you have access to the live group chat. You’ll be also collaborating on group projects just like in real life!

Online Coding Bootcamps are practical and tailored to your needs,

  • Don’t waste time commuting
  • Don’t queue to see the lecturer after classes
  • Focus on group work but study at your own pace
  • Get support from your dedicated online mentor
  • Benefit from a flexible learning schedule
  • Focus on practical exercises
  • Learn how to be resourceful

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our courses and start the exciting journey of learning the coding magic :)

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